The Life (Feat. Caitlin Cassidy)

by Connor Cassidy

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Celebrate it.

Dedicated to the life of our un-replaceable grandmother, Helen Kelley. Love you Sittou.

Written by Connor Cassidy
Featuring Caitlin Cassidy
Produced by 6ix
Engineered & Mastered by Tarik McFarland

Connor Cassidy - @connortkcassidy

Caitlin Cassidy - @NaseMac


P.S: My sister absolutely murdered this


[Verse 1: Connor Cassidy]

Put it down like
Raised on the rule never love what you ain't got
So I walk by the code never talk how you just not
Took a ride out there real quick just to find that we all one
Ask good what it means saying back never know it till it's all done
I'm still up with a glass filled up for the fact that we on one
Caught up in the chase for some peace in the mind, won't stop till I got some
So I live by the sides of the folk I would die with
Cause hey it's mine to give
It's one love and one life to live
So tonight it's on us

[Hook: Caitlin Cassidy]

Tonight we celebrate the life
Tonight we celebrate the life
Tonight we celebrate what's right
Tonight we celebrate
The Life

[Verse 2: Connor Cassidy]

Put it down like
Came in by the sea looked round for the home that she found in the south end
Raised my Mom up same time serving meals everyday just to pay rent
80 years gone by and she still right here man, damn did she love home
Cause real talk, she was never alone
Paving a way for the new unknown
Now there's me sitting low up in the ride
Cap to side
All around I seen vibes of all types
Made it through the rain from clouds of all kinds
Through the good and the bad
The people of both sides
Now it ain't hard to tell you I'm bout mines
Thinking on world change, I'm thinking it's bout time
And born rich or poor just understand
You could be whatever you aim for
For real



released February 18, 2016




Connor Cassidy

20-year-old MA Hip-Hop artist & entrepreneur.



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